So, I had this weird theory. It was based on using a car as an instrument. Now, this is because I've heard people try to turn a car into a whole band before. And it flat never works. Why? because the car is naturally a wind instrument. And that's really about it. But I always thought that some Maserati's sounded pretty heavy metal. And by that I mean, like a marshall stack turned up to 11. Wind instrument or not, it sounds like a guitar amp. So, I found a studio who only record metal bands, and tested the theory. They took sound waves of a Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale and compared it to a Marshall stack. When they overlaid the sound waves, they were almost identical. Well, what do you do next? Get an actual Maserati GT MC Stradale, and record it just how you want it. Then, take those recordings are write a metal track, where the guitars are all engine sounds. Italian Metal, by Italian Metal.